new music and holding down the fort



Today’s recital was very exciting for me. Despite being uncomfortable from hives, I enjoyed sitting and listening to Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble. The piece below (with different players) was their opening piece.



The ensemble has been pursuing a very clever approach to doing new music. They commission or write pieces based on various National Parks and then try to arrange to go to the park that inspired the composer and perform the piece in the natural habitat. I think this is cool.

This is another piece they played today. It was a small crowd. I feel badly that such cool music was better attended.. Maybe people just didn’t know about it. I am very proud to have brought them in. I feel like so many of the recitals I have arranged for have been excellent. This one was no exception.


Eileen’s Mom is not doing too well.  Hospice has been called in and I think they are helping. After a good day on Friday celebrating her 94th with her family, Dorothy (Eileen’s Mom) had a bit of downturn yesterday. Eileen grabbed some lunch after the concert and took off to spend the night there.

So I’m holding down the fort alone tonight and tomorrow.

Church went pretty well today. The extra influx of singers makes a big difference in the sound of the choir. They did a bang up job today.


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