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This morning I got up ready to do something more about my hives which are getting worse.  I checked to see if my doctor responded to my messages from last week asking for her ideas about to do and reporting the last three weeks of BP readings.

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Nope. So Eileen and  I had breakfast then jumped in the car and went to Urgent Care, a local walk-in clinic.

In addition to the spreading rash, my legs, arms, and ankles are swelling. The clinic doctor tested my blood for obvious indicators like high white blood cells and kidney function. My labs came back normal. He prescribed a heftier regimen of Prednisone (the steroid I was using before). He even said that he thought a dermatologist would be likely to probably prescribe them as well.

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I called my doctor’s office from the clinic but there was still no response from my doctor about my condition.

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After grabbing the drugs, I came home and messaged my doctor what the clinic doctor had prescribed so that she knew.

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I now have four appointments coming up in October and November: 2 different dermatologists (I will cancel the second if she is not needed), an allergist, plus my six month check up with my primary care physician, Dr. Fuentes. I am on waiting lists with the allergist and the dermatologist.

At least now I feel like I have done something about this dang rash.

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