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Yesterday’s post was leisurely, today is another short morning so this one will not be.

I have been running across new ideas.

Julie the ballet teacher mentioned the book The Power off Awareness: ideas that shape the world by Neville Goddard in class on Monday. Yesterday I checked out the online audio book and listened to ten minutes this morning.

My first impression is that this New Agey book written before the New Age movement (1952) does what these sort of thinkers do which is compile a bunch of philosophies and ideas and sort of mix them up. In this case in the first ten minutes I heard lots of Bible (even alluded to) and Emerson. Also when people talk about “I am” Biblically or otherwise I always think of Popeye.

I couldn’t find an objective buy 1000 valium online source of information on Goddard quickly this morning. But his ideas and books seem tailor made for the insane Interwebs.

Last night after our rehearsal, the young violinist, Natalee Vander Wood, I am accompanying chatted to me about a free presentation online software she was learning at school.

It seems to be power point on speed (as we used to say). I am planning on learning more about it and then showing it to others. Stay tuned.

In the book, My Bright Abyss: Meditations of a Modern Believer, Christian Wiman mentions tons of poets and authors. He continues to mention Marilynne Robinson.

I think I tried to read her and found her goofy. But anyway, I am planning to look a little harder at her.

This is really all I have time for this morning.

2 thoughts on “new ideas

  1. For what it’s worth, I really loved Gilead, and enjoyed Home, and hope to read the next one about those same characters (Lila?) that’s just recently come out, as soon as the rush dies down at the library. Housekeeping was interesting, but not quite as much my cup of tea.

  2. I looked at the beginning of Gilead and realized I had not seen it before. It’s sitting on my Kindle and I will probably give it a try at some point.

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