new computer! jupe runs away next week with wife


So I began this morning blogging from my new Thinkpad which arrived at church yesterday. So far I like it quite a bit. I’m still learning it, of course. It has one of those track pointing devices.

I managed to get it to work last night, but this morning I can’t even get the touch pad to right click. So, my learning curve is such that I switched to the old computer for blogging, while the new one updated itself.

I forgot about Windows 8 (which is what this machine came with). I will have to relearn/readapt it. But I am grateful to have this new machine bought for me by the church (and I get to keep it!).

My friend Dave Barber emailed me a video by Wintergartan a few days ago. I just got around to checking it out this morning. I loved it and immediately subscribed to the group’s YouTube channel. This video of his amazing Marble Machine is wonderful. I put it up on Vicebook this morning.

So Eileen and I are planning some time away next week.

My cri de coeur yesterday elicited sympathetic responses from loved ones (thanks and love to brother Mark and daughter Elizabeth!). Time to get away to attempt to gain some perspective.

Donald Trump Favorable Rating – Polls – HuffPost Pollster

Donald Trump Is Really Unpopular With General Election Voters | FiveThirtyEight

These are the links Mark put in his comment yesterday. I only hope that they reflect some sort of reality that the majority of US citizens are repulsed by Trump.

Donald Trump and Reconstruction-Era Politics – The New York Times

Speaking of perspective (and also history), Brent Staples refreshes our collective memory.

Egypt’s Parliament Expels Lawmaker Who Dined With Israel’s Ambassador – The New York Times

The photograph accompanying this article is arresting (so to speak).

A Fiery Debate on the K.K.K. in 2016. Who Figured? – The New York Times

I didn’t think they allowed actual content on TV these days. Kudos to Van Jones for being coherent and sane.

Garlic Roasted Broccoli (I Could Eat This Everyday) | Paleo Grubs

Simple, good. I should try this soon.

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