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The Jenkins Mainframe.... where I do a lot of composing and score preparation.

I got up early and worked more on “Dead Man’s Pants” yesterday. Unfortunately after leaving my work I came back later and discovered that Finale seemed to have misplaced about twenty important measures of evolving string accompaniment. No doubt, I somehow told it to do this. I find that computers and software first of all do exactly what you tell. One just has to be careful what commands one gives them.

I use a lot of keyboard controls. They are powerful. Working with a large score, it’s impossible to see the entire score. It’s very likely I hit the control-Z hotkey and erased part of the music that I didn’t intend to.

Sigh. I wasn’t able to get this going again.

The "before" picture of my harpsichord.

Eileen and I did, however, get going on tearing down the harpsichord in preparation for re-installing new jacks and strings.

Tools and parts laid out in preparation for harpsichord project.

We had a morning session in which we disassembled a great deal of the old harpsichord. I played a farewell piece before we began. The Prelude and Fugue in Bb from Bach’s first Well Tempered Clavichord. This is a piece I’m thinking or performing in August at LemonjEllos.

Here’s a link to all the pics from the morning on Facebook. I put it up here for you, Elizabeth, since you have migrated away from the Facebook madness, heh. Also anyone else who would be silly enough to be reading my blog and would like to link in to pics.

I especially like this pic of discarded jacks.

Eileen went to spend time with my Mom in the afternoon. I dragged myself over to church and prepared for this morning’s service. I called several people on Friday night and invited them to come early and learn some rhythm instrument parts to today’s opening hymn. So I re-tuned the skins on my conga. I find this a weird use of the word “tune,” but it is how drummers talk. What I did was simply loosen the heads and then re-tighten them carefully and evenly. I think they sound better then.

Also laid out all the decent rhythm instruments laying around the church. I am expecting about four young people  but it could be more or less.

Also rehearsed my Bach prelude based on today’s sequence hymn, “If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee,” and the postlude which is a four page loud excerpt from Hindemith’s first organ sonata.

I can hear you yawning but this is my life.

Afternoon progress.

When I came home Eileen was still Farmvilling with Mom at her apartment. I continued working on the harpsichord. The pic above is how it looks after stripping out the keyboard and jack rails and vacuuming.

Then I started coals for supper.

cut up veggies: garlic scapes (the green snake like things), unpeeled garlic cloves, red peppers, onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, pablano pepper. All chopped and tossed in lemon juice and oil.

You can see I was in a photographing mood yesterday.

Grilled the veggies for ten minutes before adding trout and bass fillets (they were on sale at Meijers).

Here’s a link to all the afternoon pics.

Steve and Eileen's supper. Grilled fish and veggies. I have added fish to my vegetarian diet due to trying to eat less cheese products.

Then I watched an old South Park episode which I pulled up on Comcast. I am now a tv person, I guess. I think it might help me rot my brain occasionally and distract me from being so dam serious and self absorbed.  Worth a try.

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