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Ever since getting back from a short respite my blood pressure has eased back into normal territory (8/27:125/82). Before that it was trending higher (8/23: 136/90). So the two might be related. Hard to tell. But it might be that stress was adding to my trending higher readings.

On my vacation I basically did nothing but read, eat & sleep. As usual I found myself much more tired than I thought I was and kept dozing off as I read. Sheesh.

Yesterday, I kept listening to music by Takemitsu and Ligeti. I especially liked  the Hungarian Rock Harpsichord piece and found several recordings in YouTube including organ renditions. This might be the best of them (which I put up on Facebook):

I filled my cart on Amazon with used copies of sheet music of  this piece and other pieces by Takemitsu and William Bolcolm. Haven’t had the courage to hit to hit proceed to checkout yet.

Proceed to Checkout

This is music I am interested in but probably with no practical application to church or other performance opportunities (unless as usual I make them).


How to Fix Our Math Education –

Some ideas about how to make Math ed more practical while retaining its integrity.


Open Courses, Nearly Free –

I love the idea of free education. Learning definitely should be available to those who want to grow and think. Commodifying the best parts of life is anathema as far I’m concerned.


Martin Luther King Jr. Would Want a Revolution, Not a Memorial -by Cornel West

Cornel West is a hero of mine. I know he can be goofy, but I tend to totally endorse his ideas. I especially have enjoyed his criticism of Candidate and then President Obama. But then I also like Jeremiah Wright quite a bit as well.


When Schools Depend on Handouts –

“public financing should fully support public education.” see Open Courses, Nearly Free above for comment.


C.I.A. Fights Memoir of 9/11 by F.B.I. Agent in Terror Fight –

Ah yes. History is written by the powerful.


Language Log » All let alone some

I recently found this web site which is dedicated to picking apart public grammar.


HP: TouchPads Sold Out, But ‘More Coming’ | News & Opinion |

$99 for a touchpad makes me consider actually purchasing one.


Steve Jobs: Jerry Pournelle Reflects

Pournelle is a sci/fi dude as well as a techie. He says Jobs was elegance, Gates was utility.


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