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It’s such a luxury to me to have family around. People to talk to whom I not only care deeply about but also have a lot in common with. So this blog will probably not be very long since I am sitting in the living room with Elizabeth, Jeremy and Alex (Eileen is asleep). I have to be in Muskegon around 9:20 to accompany the high school violinist I have been practicing with. In the meantime I am making coffee for the three of us.

From Word to Silence, by Raoul Mortley | Bond University Research | ePublications

I am constantly amazed at what’s available online. The book linked above was footnoted in Diarmaid MacCulloch’s Silence: A Christian History. Motley is an Australian scholar and this work is about the relationship of Hellenistic concepts to evolving Western notions (Jewish and Christian). It’s two volumes and very erudite. I love it that I could read the preface and look at the table of contents instantly after seeing the book in MacCulloch

Joe Biden: A Plan for Central America –

The Vice President wrote an article in yesterday’s NYT. I bookmarked it to read later.

Rod McKuen, Poet and Lyricist With Vast Following, Dies at 81 –

I remember this guy well.

Government Allies Are Said to Have Slaughtered Dozens of Sunnis in Iraq – NYT

This article came up in a conversation with Jeremy (Daum, my son in law) this morning about historical genocides. This happened this week.

French Police Question Boy, 8, After Remarks on Paris Attacks –

France goes nuts.

U.S. Textbook Skews History, Prime Minister of Japan Says –

Japans asks for a rewrite of history. Ahem.


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