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It’s after noon in Holland Michigan. This is very late for me to be blogging, but this is not unusual when I have visiting fam. Elizabeth, Alex and I spent time in the kitchen being quiet so Jeremy could rest.

After a while, I went and purchased bagels, cream cheese and lox. Eileen skipped the lox but Elizabeth Jeremy and I feasted on them. Very good.

I just got back from listening to Rhonda play portions of an upcoming recital. She is a good player and it is flattering to be asked. I know that the way I look at music is pretty unique (eccentric?). So much so that it won’t necessarily be that helpful to Rhonda. But I did give her my feedback for what it’s worth. And I do enjoy thinking about music and interpretation.

Strobe Tuners by Sonic Research – Turbo Tuner Home Page

An academic organ dude on Facebook reported that he was surprised to see the famous early music person, Jordi Savall, use an electric tuner in a concert.

I eavesdropped on the ensuing comments and found this link to a tuner that will do different temperaments. If I ever get my harpsichord back in shape I will be interested in this.

Follow your convictions – this could be the end of the politics of fear | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian

Daughter Sarah put this interesting article up on Facebooger. A lot of idealism in this. Would that it would happen.

Rev. Richard McBrien, 78, Dies; Theologian Challenged Catholic Orthodoxy – NYT

This dude was chair of the theology department when I was in grad school at ND. I don’t think he approved of my interdisciplinary degree. He felt that musicians should get a bachelors in theology before studying liturgy. I’m glad he didn’t win that one.

First of 3,000 Child Soldiers Are Released in South Sudan – NYTimes.com

I have been following child soldiers longer than I have been reading the NYT online. Very disturbing practice: training the very young as killers. Glad to see these people released.

World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

I clicked on this out of idle curiosity. The url is disclose.tv. This makes me not take it too seriously, but it’s kind of interesting.

Attack on Israeli Soldiers ‘Most Serious Flare-Up in Years’–if Arab Deaths Aren’t Taken Seriously

Time and time again I have watched reporting that doesn’t take the deaths of the other seriously. Oops.

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