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Thursday evening Eileen and I went to a concert. The performers were The Queen’s Six pictured above. They were amazing. Eileen was gung-ho to go out, but wasn’t expecting to enjoy the concert as much as she did. I found this group fresh, authentic, and eclectic. I especially liked the sound of the two counter tenors.

The group is part of a larger choir that sings regularly at Windsor Castle, their “day job” as they put it. I liked that they do all kinds of music and do it all well.

This was their opening number.


This was their encore.

The bass (third from the left) arranged this. They had a nice mix of musical styles, from William Byrd to Michael Jackson to breathing composers, Nico Muhly and Philip Moore. Here’s the Moore piece:

Although these videos aren’t that old, these men look much younger to me in them.

They did this arrangement as well.

I like how they change their voice production effectively from style to style. I’m also quite enamored of their sound and musicianship. And of course Nico Muhly is a composer I like and follow. He had an article in today’s New York Times about his new opera which opens this evening in New York City.

The topical steroids seem to be helping. My dermatologist might be on to something when he surmises that I’m in the ebbing throes of a drug reaction.

I found the translated ideas and plans of the Russians fascinating. They also read like right wing play books. No wonder these saboteurs are so effective.



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