jupe gets a diagnosis

Eileen and I went to the dermatologist this morning. His name is Ronald W.
Reusch and I see by googling him (for an image for this post) that he’s not a dermatologist, but rather a physician’s assistant with some further training in dermatology. He seemed very competent to me. After questioning and examining me he told me he thought my hives were from an internal cause, probably that I am still reacting to the drug that my GP suspected of causing it in the first place. He said it wasn’t unusual for this kind of reaction to last as long as this. Also, each time I did a regimen of prednisone the hives returned in a slightly milder form. He prescribed topical steroid. He also ordered a blood test and asked to see me again in two weeks. My ankles are quite swollen by the end of the day. He recommended wearing compression hose during the day and prescribed those as well.

Meijer pharmacy was out of the the topical steroid. I phoned the the dermatologist office to ask them to prescribe a smaller amount since the pharmacy did have smaller tubes but wouldn’t give me any since the prescription was for a larger amount and doling it out in smaller amounts without a specific prescription would screw up the dose.   I received a text telling me it will be ready tomorrow. That will probably work fine.

We stopped off at a hospital supply type store to pick up the some compression hose. They couldn’t fit me when my ankles are swollen and asked me to come by in the morning before they start to swell so they could measure my feet and lower leg.

I was surprised by the doctor’s diagnosis and hope that he’s right about it being a drug reaction. Hives can sometimes be symptoms of more serious stuff like cancer. I’m hoping that the blood tests will be more conclusive.

Yesterday I managed to plan all the choral anthems through Christmas eve. I’m not sure how well I did rehearsing last night since I was exhausted and feeling pretty bad from the hives. The fatigue and chills can be quite the nuisance. I think I have a pretty good plan for the rest of the year. I hope people can make most of the rehearsals. That’s really what I need. However, I am prepared to adjust the plan (as I have been doing) to reflect who comes.

Well enough. I’m resting up to go out with Eileen this evening. We have tickets to the Hope College Great Performance series concert scheduled for this evening. We may even go out to eat if I have the energy. More later.

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