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WP_20140814_001Due to the overwhelming response of pictures of my porch, here’s an update. This is the messy end of the porch tidied up a tad. Note the modesty wall and the oil lamps.



As you can see it’s still pretty messy behind the wall and of course all the files and desks are stuffed.



We are settling in nicely in the other end of the porch. Now if it would just warm up a bit we could sit out there comfortably.


The back of the vines makes a lovely view on the west end of the porch. Eileen decided we should put our oil lamps around. We went to Bibles for Mexico yesterday and she bought some new glass chimneys because all but one of the old ones were broken. At her suggestion I put them around the room.

WP_20140814_004 WP_20140814_005


I do love the old lamps. Now we’ll have to keep an eye out for some more shades.

And now pictures of food



Eileen got up and decided to make french toast. I like to have something savory with this kind of sweet breakfast so I made a veggie curry. I have been using diced ginger and garlic in dishes like this. It’s pretty good.

I restrained from putting pictures of food up on Facebooger (this time anyway). But here they are for you!


I had a real nice breakfast.

Yesterday my boss didn’t show for our weekly meeting. I knew where she was. I saw that she was in the weekly bible class. Melynda the staff person said they were running late. I went and practiced. This is the Ray Ferguson method of life: never waste time you could be practicing.

After about an hour or so, I wandered downstairs and my boss was in a meeting with a parishioner. I was texting her a second time when she came out and asked me when our meeting was. She looked deflated when I told her. She apologized and said that her day had “blown up” and that the now retired assistant had made appointments for her that she hadn’t anticipated.

Of course I told her it was fine.

The soloists for this Sunday (duetists?) showed up and we rehearsed the Mendelssohn duet. I think they sound great! It will be a classy Sunday.






4 thoughts on “More fascinating pictures of stuff

  1. Your porch looks great. It would be neat if you could use it as a “three-season room” and only have to vacate for the winter months. I really love my screened porch and spend lots of time out there most days. I doubt we’ll be so fortunate as to have such a nice arrangement in our next home so I’m enjoying it while I can.

    1. It’s funny because ever since it’s been usable it’s been unseasonably cold. Right now, it’s even chilly in the living room as I write this. But it is nice to have a porch one could theoretically sit in. Heh.

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