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Classes begin at Hope on Aug 26th. They have kindly offered me the same schedule as last time.  This means classes on MWF. Unfortunately there is a two hour gap between them on M and W. But I think that will be okay. I have already informed them I will be in China for a week in September and they are good with that.

I am trying to pace myself with church work. Two weeks ago I chose hymns for the upcoming year. I skipped a week of big effort because of the Holland Symphony gig. This week I want to begin working on picking choral anthems. The organ committee however took up energy yesterday so I limited my other church work to submitting the music for the bulletin for a week from Sunday.

I can see your eyelids drooping from all this fascinating information.

Today I will concentrate on meeting  with my boss and rehearsing with soloists for this Sunday. I think that will be my church work for today. Maybe I can started on the choral stuff tomorrow.

The organ committee wants to hear one more builder, Martin Pasi. We are looking at a field trip to Chicago to hear his Opus 15.


This instrument is at St. Paul and the Redeemer.

That should be fun.

I continue to baffle myself with my interest in religion and liturgy. This morning I found a really cool online site which has an interlinear Greek New Testament. Here’s the chapter of Matthew which contains this Sunday’s gospel. Click on the pic for link.


I thought it would be good practice for me to look at upcoming readings in Greek. I own a Greek New Testament but the print is small. I found several online versions and like this one the best so far.

1. F.B.I. Steps In Amid Unrest After Police Kill Missouri Youth – NYTimes.com

This does not sound good.

2. Scientists Create a 3-D Model That Mimics Brain Function – NYTimes.com

I love this shit.

3. Can the G.O.P. Ever Attract Black Voters? – NYTimes.com

I think the answer is no.

The party that hopes to attract black students is the party whose congressional leadership filed a baseless lawsuit against the first African-American president. It is the party whose representatives allied with birthers who demanded that the president prove his citizenship. It is the party that has endorsed the evisceration of the Voting Rights Act and made it more difficult for the very people it is courting to actually cast a ballot for its candidates


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