Monday in helland


Mark is hanging around a couple days after subbing at Grace. It was fun to work with him yesterday. He is such a good priest when it seems that good leaders are getting rarer and rarer. Of course, I’m biased.

We have been chatting this morning so the blog is coming out a bit later today. We are waiting for the fence people to come and start work on our new fence. All four cars (Mark’s included) have been moved out of the driveway so they can pull their equipment in.

I’m hoping that I can get started on planning for the fall soon. I have some challenges coming up such as not having an organ for a while while we prep for our new organ installation. Not sure when the old organ will go away. There are plans to refurbish the back of the church to prep for it. When this happens, the old organ will be in the way and have to go. I’m meeting with some people from a church who might want it on Wed at 1 PM.

Another challenge is several people in my choir (which seems to be getting smaller and smaller)  announced that this year they will be missing more choir. This is challenging. My solution will be to choose material that can be done with less rehearsal. This precludes much stuff that I would probably otherwise choose to do if I had a bit more commitment. At the same time, I have been pondering how to communicate to my members what I expect of them if they plan to meet me half way (attendance is one of those things, obviously).

I’m a bit disappointed that no one bothered to make sure Mark got paid yesterday for his services. Yikes! He told me that not getting paid wasn’t just about me and musicians. I guess he’s right. I just emailed Jen and asked her about this.

Books for me to read seem to keep on coming. This book was mentioned by Jeffrey Toobin in yesterday’s NYT (which i am still working my way through). He said it is the closest thing he knows to a perfect book: “It combines exhaustive reporting, elegant prose and narrative genius to remind us that class, as well as race, is at the heart of the American experience.” I’m in. My library has a copy on the shelf which I plan to check out. It’s for sale for a penny on Amazon. Cool.

When Blood Pressure Is Political – The New York Times

Allostasis? Who knew? Bookmarked to talk to my shrink about when I explain why I’m seeking therapy.

 America, still a racist society.

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  1. The NYT article about blood pressure and politics was interesting. I was discussing it over lunch with a nurse friend of mine. She agreed and actually finished a couple of sentences of mine while I was explaining the article. Go figure.
    David J

  2. Cool. As always, thank you for reading. I enjoyed visiting the Calif branch of the Jenkins and seeing Rosenthals as well. Best to all out there and love from Steve

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