looking at a long day today


I don’t have much time to blog this morning. I need to review my prelude and postlude  for today as well as the psalm and the anthem. It looks like today will be full. I have a Memorial Service after church at 1 PM. Then after a brief respite, Eileen and I will drive to Grand Haven and I will play in a sing along Messiah. This is enough for one day for this old guy.

Martin Pasi arrived last night and left a message on my phone. Unfortunately, I was already in bed. He and his crew couldn’t find their B and B. Yikes. He also didn’t have Jen’s phone number. I hope that worked out okay. I am afraid to call him this early in the morning, but I did email Jen about it, since she out an email to him and me earlier this morning.

I am getting more and more interested in Italian music. I haven’t studied it too much or at least not in the depth I have German and French. I am speaking of the 16th – 17th century primarily and thinking about Frescobaldi and eventually the Gabrielis.

I found an interesting lecture online. It is by a harp player who has performed with Jordi Saval and other name brand early music people. His name was in the index of some of the newer early music books I have been reading. I’ll just leave his lecture here. It’s probably more than any of  you want to know about Italian music.

I got very interested in learning more after listening to this rendition of a Frescobaldi Toccata on the Harpsichord. I want to know why this player pays it the way he does.

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