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So. I’m looking seriously at Verizon. AT&T was so creepy to me that I would prefer not to give them my measly business bundling up my phones and internet.

Verizon has drawbacks as well. First of all, they are also annoyingly two companies: Verizon (cell phones and wireless internet) & Verizon Communication (land lines). That’s right, two completely different companies. They offer no bundles of any kind however tThey can bill on the same bill, however. Great.

The main drawback that is troubling me right now is that Verizon’s MIFI(tm) wireless modem thingy service is limited to 5 gigabytes a month. After that it’s a nickel a megabyte. I’m thinking I use the internet more than that. I hope not.

I found a little free monitoring software that I have installed on my netbook and desktop. (Link to site of Tautology Bandwidth Meter)  So far in the last hour or so, I have used 3.37 megabytes. I will need to let this software monitor me for a while before I can get a sense of how much bandwidth I actually use.

The sales man said to me, what do you use your internet connection for. I began listing off the usual suspects. Basically I live in the cloud.

I have started keeping notes on books on my Diigo site.

This (if you don’t recognize it) is an online bookmarking service (free of course). I used to keep archived articles on the NYT site. Then they dropped the service and passed it onto to some site. Diigo is like my third or fourth leap from one service to another. Supposedly they have kept all my old NYT archived articles. I kind of hope so.

This morning while treadmilling I downloaded a book to my Kindle for my PC thingo. It was a free slow cooker cook book. It’s pretty cool. Click on the book if you want to see it at Amazon:

Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Recipes for Entertaining

I’m pretty impressed that this author gives away one of her books. The rest she charges for. Seems like a pretty good marketing strategy. I’m considering actually purchasing one of her books after reading a bit in this one. On kindle, naturally. Heh.

Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Recipes for Two: For the Small Slow Cooker

So I played a funeral today. I used the harpsichord and played some Francois and Louis Couperin, natch. Also played Mozart on the piano and Bach on the organ. As I was tuning up, I broke a string on the harpsichord. A low F. This limits what music I can perform on it. Fortunately the little piece I am planning for tomorrow’s prelude doesn’t use this note. I know I have some harpsichord strings around here somewhere. I keep thinking I’m going to call Zuckerman and ask if they have stockpiled old parts for my klunker.

I just google imaged and couldn’t find anything that looks much like my old instrument. This doesn’t bode well.

It’s a bit like this one. But with wood veneer finish. And a straight side not a curved one.Also the legs are different. ┬áThis one probably lifts right off the base. Mine has three legs screwed right into it. I guess mine’s totally different.

I guess I’ll close this blog with a bit of quote:

The book Ulysses by James Joyce “remains open to the idea of ‘entelechy’: that there are always new forms knowledge destined to emerge, but which despite that inevitability, will take us utterly by surprise. Declan Kiberd, “Ulysses and Us: The Art of Everyday Life in Joyce’s Masterpiece

For some reason this struck me. I like the idea that new forms of understanding (and even music) continue to inevitably emerge and surprise me.

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