life goes on

It has been a weird week for me. I think my recital had a lot of impact on me. I think I am drawing nearer to the things I love, like music and cooking. I spent a lot of this week at the harpsichord. I am loving the Couperins (Louis and Francois). I have scheduled Francois for this Sunday. Prelude on harpsichord and postlude on organ.

Right now it’s evening on Friday. I have bread and chicken in the oven.

I made apple torte and apple cake this morning before Eileen got up. I spent an hour at the harpsichord this afternoon. I have a funeral tomorrow morning and I spent a good hour transcribing a song from a youtube video (River in Judea). I would have bought the dang thing if I could have downloaded it or bought it from a local music store. But noooooooh.

Eileen and I drove up to Verizon and had a heart to heart with a sales person. We are considering dropping our land line. AT&T has totally jerked me around so I’m not in the mood to bundle with them. Verizon has reasonable prices. I think I can get 2 cell phone lines for 80.00 a month with 250 text messages for each month & internet access (via their 3G network) for 60.00 a month. This means I could drop T-Mobile (100.00), AT&T (26.00), TDS Metrocom (70.00). We would have to buy new phones but I think we can get by for 50.00 for the two of us. Anyway, we’re pondering it.

I read Obama’s Nobel speech. (link to the text) He continues to impress despite his obvious realpolitik. I think his speeches are really quite good. This one is worth listening to or reading.

My daughter Elizabeth is coming to visit around Xmas. I am missing my kids. But life goes on.

Eileen and I ran secret Xmas errands for my Mom today.

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