Little Tuesday update


This morning after making coffee I turned to submitting the music for this Sunday’s bulletin. I had prepared this submission in its entirety last week and will prepare the following Sunday’s info today. This makes it easy to get up and send out an email of this stuff to the priests and secretary at work.

I also am trying to get us legal with our copyrights. We have subscribed to and my boss keeps meaning to also subscribe to the online version of our musical resources: RiteSong. I would like our secretary to do this reporting, but so far I have been exploring how it’s done. It’s really so easy, I could probably add this small task to my weekly submission since I have reduced the amount of time it takes me to prepare this submission by no longer preparing the pointed psalm by hand in Finale.

Then I read a little Finnegans Wake. I decided to continue working a bit on my notes for tonight’s presentation on improvisation.

A few people have indicated on Facebooger they are planning to attend.


I will tailor the presentation to fit the participants. I am prepared to talk about the history of improvisation and pick the brains of people who improvise as well give some hints on how to get going on doing this kind of playing.

Have to get going. More tomorrow.


The 168 Year-Old, One-Eyed Racist That Explains The Rise Of Donald Trump 

Some wild white supremacist history. Facebooger is good for something. I got this off my feed.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Haven’t used yet, but is supposed to be good.

Down the Memory Hole: NYT Erases CIA’s Efforts to Overthrow Syria’s Government — FAIR

I haven’t forgiven the NYT for cheerleading us into the Iraq war. There are still columnists I have difficulty trusting (Thomas Friedman for one).

The case against equality of opportunity – Vox

Haven’t read all the way through yet but the author seems to have a very valid point.

Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child – The New York Times

Basically terrifying. Good online comments.

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies – The New Yor

How is this moral at any level?

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