little report and some music purchases

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Not much to report today. Eileen did our taxes yesterday. Since she has retired she has taken on the management of money. This is a great relief to me. She always helped, but now I don’t have to do anything  in this area. Cool.

I did not skip my martini last night, despite the fact that my BP was high the day before. I ascribe this spike to loss of my phone. Sure enough, it was back within acceptable range this morning. Between the death of my Mom and the onset of Holy Week, it might not be that great a time to be skipping martinis but its something I need to do more of to pull my BP down into better territory via weight loss.

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I ordered some music yesterday.

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Eileen suggested that I order the music to Bransle Gay arr. by John Renbourn since I never learned it well. I have been practicing guitar as well as banjo recently. Not sure why, but I have always enjoyed the sound.

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I have been meaning to order Ligeti’s Musica Ricercata for piano since recently learning about it.

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I also ordered a couple of books by Hakim. He’s not that fabulous a composer but he’s fun to play and comes up with some attractive ideas.

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The benefit of having an annual non-renewable music fund for my own use at church.

NYTimes: How to Be a Jew in the Age of Trump?

I admire Simon Schama the author of this article.

NYTimes: Linda Brown, Symbol of Landmark Desegregation Case, Dies

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NYTimes: John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens that is.

NYTimes: In Energized Detroit, Savoring an Architectural Legacy


I’m glad about this. Despite being a former US Attorney, diGenova seems to be rabidly partisan.  He maintains that the FBI and the DOJ conspired to help Clinton in the last election. So far I haven’t seen him produce evidence, only accusations.

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