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Just getting around to blogging. It’s after 3 PM. Eileen and I had a late breakfast. Then we went over Mom’s finances so that we could reply to a query from my smarter younger brother. Things are looking good there.

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Then to church. I made up the three anthems that completed the list for between now and Ash Wednesday. Eileen stuffed them in the slots.

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I practiced a little organ.

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I am thinking of coming up with several specific pieces to work on during the period I am not performing on organ in public. I mentioned to Eileen that I am probably the most skilled I have been at organ playing in my entire life. I hate to lose too much ground there.

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My list right now is the 9/8 C major prelude and the G major trio sonata of Bach. I’d like to add at least one romantic piece to the list as well as one by a living composer. But we’ll see.

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