last day of elspeth’s visit and liberal links


My friend Amy and I played through three violin sonatas by Mozart yesterday (K. 395, 303 and 306). Dang this is cool music. It is mature Mozart. I performed from an ancient crumbling used copy of the piano part I own and printed up violin parts from the internet for Amy. I decided that today I will order us a new printed edition so that our parts will match. I’m planning on purchasing a Cliff Eisen edition if I can find it.

I ordered from Zingerman’s on Wednesday. I had a discount coupon that expired on April 30. I ordered olive oil, a loaf of bread and some cheese. It came yesterday. Over night, that’s pretty quick. I purchased another loaf of bread from Meijers and some cheese and that was our meal together last night. Elizabeth whipped up a salad. Mmmmm.

Today Elizabeth and Eileen are off to Whitehall to taxi Eileen’s Mom around. Elizabeth gets on a plane tomorrow. It has been delightful having her around.

1.Outrage Across Ideological Spectrum in Europe Over Flawed Lethal Injection in U.S. –

 The recent bungling of an execution has highlighted the USA’s retention of the barbaric practice of having the state kill people. This probably will not change in my lifetime judging from the people in the government and the wide spread support in the US for executions not to mention proliferation of guns. I will always be on the side of not killing or having guns so easily available and unregulated. But I know I am in the minority.
I guess today is a day of dang liberal links. Nicholas Kristof points out the reasons to have regulations.
I have been following this story. Right now military rules on hair assume that the hair in question is smooth and easily combed down. I expect this to change.

4. The Execution That Was Botched in Oklahoma –

Letters to the editor. I liked this one from VINCE CALDERHEAD in Nairobi, Kenya:

  • Dear America: Not that I expect to persuade you, but just so you know, most of the rest of the world regards your obsession with guns and executions as barbaric. Don’t say you weren’t told.


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