Katy Couric is 61


When you dream, all the entities in the dream are you. At least that’s what I have heard and I think it’s probably true. So what does it mean, when you kill someone in a dream.

Last night, I almost killed someone in a dream. I was part of some sort of organization. It felt like a musician organization. But the time had come for someone in the organiation to commit ritual suicide. I’m not sure why, but we all understood this. I had the delivery method which was several pills tucked into a small bun like sandwich.

The person to die was a colleague of mine. He was late for the ritual. We were waiting. I took a bite of the sandwich myself thinking about the pills. Apparently only one of them killed you. The others mellowed you out. I remember looking at the bite and thinking that maybe I hadn’t eaten enough of the death pill to hurt me very much.

Finally, my colleague arrived. In the meantime, I had reconsidered. I decided I couldn’t do it. I told him that he had save his life by being late. I was ready to deliver the death method on time. But now I knew it was the wrong thing to do.

Eileen and I went to see Mom earlier in the day yesterday. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not. It is sad to see Mom as she is now. Of course, I wish she was more comfortable¬† even more herself. But the latter is probably not going to happen.

Rev Jen and I had our weekly meeting. It’s practically like chatting with my therapist. Both she and my therapist are easy to talk to. I usually feel a bit better after seeing either of them and yesterday was no exception.

I was excited when Rev Jen told me a parishioner had figured out how to submit info to the Sentinal online. Mary the administrator sent me links. Here they are, FWIW.

Holland.org online calendar (Holland visitors):


Sentinel online calendar:


Church briefs at sentinel:


On the home front, I’m feeling a little guilty about using Mom’s stuff. Mark helped us hook up her large TV screen to our computer and it works great! Not only that, but the sound is not too bad either. So I put my second pair of speakers in the bathroom. This morning I enjoyed listening to music and taking a shower. Man o man, am I spoiled!

We are planning on moving Mom’s chair to our home as well. We will have Two Men and Truck do that. Eileen wants to reupholster a couple of chairs (including the one I usually sit in). It looks like I will be using Mom’s fancy chair.

The rationalization is if Mom were to rally we would have her chair for her. Actually there is a similar chair in her room in the nursing home where she is now. Also, a TV is provided. She can barely sit herself up these days much less spend time in her chair and she hadn’t watched TV very much lately even when she felt better.

If you’re not worried enough with having Trump as president, here’s an interview with Daniel Ellsberg about the insanity of nuclear weapons in our world.

Why Katie Couric left Yahoo – Recode

I’ve had a tough time in my life thinking of TV people as journalists. Now, journalism in our moment is a complex thing to think about. I was intrigued by this podcast where Couric spends time talking to a younger journalist, Kara Swisher. This podcast was helpful to me, especially regarding platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Instagram, Snapchat).

I have to admit I was reassured when 61 year old Couric has a brain fart in the middle of the podcast and can’t think of the third of the three previous Olympics she has covered. Unfortunately, I can relate.

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