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Bernhard Misof – NYTimes.coms

A profile of a scientist in the Sunday paper. I was impressed with his comment about listening to great music (the Bach Cello suites for example) brings back his faith in the genius of mankind. Me, too.

Just Plane Ugly – NYTimes.com

Air travel as a metaphor for what’s wrong with America.

African Books for Western Eyes – NYTimes.com

A Nigerian writer explains how getting published equates largely with writing what Westerners expect to read.

How ‘Star Wars’ Saved Marvel From Financial Ruin – NYTimes.com

There are a couple of details in the Marvel-“Star Wars” deal that seem quaint, if not downright insane, in 2014. First, Marvel paid zero in licensing fees. Second, the Lucas camp wanted the comic book out before the movie’s release.

Dead Composers Stage a Comeback – NYTimes.com

I admire both Jeremy Denk and the late Charles Rosen. This looks like fun.

Inspired by Charles Rosen’s “Classical Style,” a textbook from the 1970s, Mr. Denk has created characters that include not only Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn (who have read a newspaper article declaring the death of classical music), but the Tonic and Dominant Chords.

Is Our Art Equal to the Challenges of Our Times? – NYTimes.com

we are in the midst of hard times now, and it feels as if art is failing us.

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