empty brain blogging before Advent I


I skipped blogging yesterday, something I have rarely done since I began writing daily online, an activity which predates the term, “blogging.”

Eileen and I had company. My nephew, Benjamin Jenkins, gets up almost as early as I do. He, his partner, Anthony Wesley (Tony) and his sister, Emily were visiting for Thanksgiving. I had not anticipated how pleasant it would be to have these people around. I forget what it’s like to be in a room with people with whom I can easily talk and are interested in my ideas or at least listen patiently to them.

I don’t really have a lot to say today either. I was disappointed that after three days off in a row I once again found myself exhausted at the end of the day yesterday. Maybe this had something to do with the stress of doing family things with Eileen’s fam and the physical exertion of trying to keep up with Emily, Ben, Tony and Eileen as we did our running around yesterday. After breakfast, we went to see my Mom. Then to the Farmer’s Market. Then to downtown Holland which seems to hold some nostalgic interest for this group.

I had neglected to take my Kindle with me. But I was tickled that I was able to download a book I have been reading, Ulysses by James Joyce and tag along with the group and sit and read while they shopped.

After people left, I met with my violinist, Amy Hertel, and we rehearsed for this morning’s service. She is playing a Mozart violin sonata movement. I think think it is a particularly excellent one. But after learning about the musical tastes of Ben’s significant other, Tony, (Black Metal) and being reminded of the tastes of my friend Jonathan Fegel after running into him on the streets of Holland yesterday, I have to wonder how many people appreciate this music at all.

This morning is the first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the church year. But at my church there is an overshadowing “tradition” of celebrating St. Andrew on this day since his feast is Nov 30. Amy, a long time previous member of this community, was reminiscing about this yesterday. It’s her “favorite Sunday” at Grace even though she has joined a different Christian community (Lutheran Missouri Synod). I didn’t have the heart to talk to her about Advent starting on the same weekend.

The previous rector is celebrating his 50th anniversary to the ordination of the priesthood today in Allegan. Both Jen (my boss and priest) and I thought it was weird to overshadow the first Sunday of Advent with this kind of a celebration. But this dude also presided over some pretty dubious practices at Grace so it stands to reason I guess.

Well as you can see, my brain is pretty empty this morning.

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There are people who hate in every country.

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One of the things I like about this story is that the dude received an epiphany while talking to a child.

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President Obama and his kids just bought Brown Girl Dreaming, a book this woman wrote. Daniel Handler (the author of Limony Snickett) comes off like a stupid white person in this story.

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