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Even though I am rested, I feel like I am slipping a bit back into the old lack of perspective. Maybe this will change when I am finished with teaching this spring. Hope so.

My brother mentioned (once again) that he uses RSS feeds. I asked if he was putting this on his hand held and he said he was putting it on his google home page. I remember trying to do this and not being able to.

Anyway, I managed to do it today and put RSS feeds for my fam’s blogs. I am still on the lookout for blogs to read. I linked into a couple of readers blogs. People who are reading Proust. Very cool. Open to suggestions.

I am in the middle of grading concert reports. Actually I have only a few left to do. Interestingly I am not very satisfied with this group of reports. I think it has something to do with the quality of GVSU concerts. I am very critical of concerts that fail to keep the attention of listeners.

One concert started off with two pieces by Evan Ziporyn. Students hated these pieces. I listened to them on Napster and decided they weren’t really openers. Solo clarinet pieces. The first one on the program was very slow and thoughtful. I think it’s a naive choice. But what do I know? I actually liked the piece but could understand why students didn’t.

I had a phone message last night from the local choral group, The Holland Chorale. A mutual acquaintance had given them my name as a possibility to audition for one of their three accompanist positions. I have heard this group a few times over the years and have never been very impressed with them. At this point, I am very leary of connecting myself with any musical project that does not involve at least one other person I trust. I called and left a message declining. It is nice to be asked.

I am starting to long to go out and play on the streets again. I think that’s where I belong. Just like my random thoughts and recordings belong on the web. It is satisfying to me to know that if anyone is actually interested they can access my stuff. If not, they can just keep on surfing.

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