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So Eileen said that she thought I had looked like I had received too much information after I attended the recent AGO workshop. She said that she felt that it wasn’t obvious to anyone but her.  (If this is confusing, see yesterday’s blog post)

Today I have to spend some serious time with the Rheinberger Toccata I am playing tomorrow. I recorded it on my phone yesterday to check how it comes off. I am playing it under tempo and was a bit worried that my tempo was varying. I notice that it does in places but not so much that it distorts the piece.

The length of the piece on the recording was just under ten minutes. This is a long postlude in an age of short attention spans and not too much interest in postludes. But I don’t mind. I even am sort of counting on the room clearing a bit by registering the section marked Piano so softly that it won’t be heard at all if there are still people in the room talking loudly.

I had a busy day yesterday: I gave an organ lesson to my one organ student, returned the infant swing to the church (also managing to lose a nut for a bolt that held it together), practiced, went with Eileen to the hardware store (she found a nut to fit the bolt), visited Mom, grocery shopped and treadmilled.

I also had a conference with the finance person at the church. She wanted to explain to me how the pension fund is working at the church. This is pretty moot for me, since I  won’t be working there long enough to really build it up. But I did learn that my salary at Grace is now $35 K. I did not know that. I have trouble remembering how much exactly I get paid. That seems pretty good for a part time job and sufficient to support Eileen and me.

MacCulloch keeps quoting from Mortley’s From Word to Silence: The Rise and Fall of Logos. The entire work seems to be online (link). I love this shit. This is quite a dense scholarly work. I read a few pages in it this morning.

Who Rosa Parks Was, Not Just What She Meant – NYTimes.com

Parks has been sentimentalized. She was a complex leader.

The Role of the Web, an Excerpt from Understanding Context · 

An excerpt from Hinton’s book. Bookmarked to read.

UC Davis Today: Newborn horses give clues to autism | UC Davis

Niece Emily Bastian shared this link on Facebooger. Very interesting.

Final Ruling for Air Travel With Musical Instruments | News | BMI.com

For years I struggled with traveling with my guitar. I could never get a straight answer from airlines, but noticed people in airports lugging around cases. I did travel with a cheap instrument I purchased for just that use.



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