Jupiterjenkins.com back in May?


Be careful what you wish for.

I was really looking forward to some time off.  But not this way.

I was scheduled for an eye appointment on April 24th.  The doctor found a tear in my retina.  He sent me to another specialist for later that afternoon for laser surgery.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is I am forbidden to read and that includes music – anything – until he gives me the okay.  So I had to bow out of rehearsals and even Sunday’s church service.

You may be wondering how I am doing this blog.  My lovely wife, Eileen, is taking dictation.

This actually works out good for her since one of her new duties at work will soon include blogging for the library.

library blog

Stay tuned for up-dates on that.  In the meantime, I am spending my time in a comfy chair, cat on my lap, listening to records or watching tv.  Tv watching is okay because there is no tracking of the eyes as in reading.  This figures because I’m not that fond of tv but I do like Netflix.  So I guess I’ll be catching up on movies and documentaries.  Life is still pretty good but I will miss reading and practicing.  It’s a small price to pay if my eye heals completely.


PS from Eileen:  Oh, no!  Now I’ll have to do the laundry, grocery shopping, the bills….  !  Steve will have a hard time sitting still but I’ll do my best to keep him resting as much as possible.


Lost in Space – NYTimes.com

Cool, eh?  I just showed Eileen how to put a link on my blog.  I read this article on my phone in the doctor’s office just before they told me I should not be reading anything.  Ironically it’s about gathering information on breaking news on-line.  It’s something I won’t be doing for quite a while.



6 thoughts on “Jupiterjenkins.com back in May?

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery! And well done, Eileen. Pictures, links…you are a natural blogger for the ‘brary! (Let me know what supermarket supplies or foodstuff needs you might have-Peter is an excellent shopper and vegetarian cook!)

  2. WOW, that’s very restrictive! I love you so much! You should try the audible subscription I sent you.

  3. Weird. I commented on this earlier. Anyway… I just was looking at this post again and totally perplexed by the comic book panel you included at the top. ???

  4. Hi Steve, I wish you a speedy recovery! Spring time is a good time to do “macro” things…enjoy just sitting & looking around. Godspeed, Michelle

  5. I’m with Elizabeth on the perplexity… Well, good and bad about the eye, I guess. Suppose I can’t hit you up for any duet playing in the near future, though if you’re just sitting around, maybe I can talk you into coming to Western and listening to me play through some stuff there? Monday night? And how’d you get a sub so last minute for Sunday?

  6. Okay… so no deep meaning in the Superman pic. Just an example of unfulfilled expectation and surprise.

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