The dance department is done with me for the semester. Ahhhh. Last night Eileen and I went out for drinks and dinner to celebrate. Her coworkers protested that it wasn’t Thursday and wanted to know if we were going out that night as well. Eileen told them probably. Life is rough.

My treadmill seems to have died. I was chatting with Sarah my daughter in England when it just stopped yesterday. I am planning to do different kinds of exercise until I can get it fixed or replaced.

Yesterday I spent a good amount of time at the church copy machine reproducing a Gilbert and Sullivan cantata called “Trial by Jury.” I picked up a single copy at the college library book sale. I’m pretty sure it’s out of copyright. I made fifteen copies for my choir (78 pages on 19 sheets folded). I have to assemble them today.

File:Trial by Jury - curve bend.jpg

I am planning to surprise the choir (possibly this evening) with it and suggest that we might sing through it for the bloody hell of it.

I am pretty sure very few if any choir members read this blog so the surprise is pretty safe. Anyway it’s not that big a deal if someone knows I’m planning on it.

It did take quite a bit of time. The music is pretty easy and I think with me at the keyboard doubling some parts we can sing through it a few times in the last rehearsals and possibly at the end of the year party.

Today I have church and doctors appointments. This morning I see the eye guy. Maybe I’ll find out more about my little floater friend in my left eye. This afternoon I have a dentist appointment for a regular cleaning. In between I meet with my boss and prep for tonight’s rehearsals.

At this point I have nothing scheduled for Thursday or Friday. I can’t believe it. I do have to muster some energy and get seriously started on clearing out junk from the main floor so the contractor can come and renovate. I probably have mentioned here that Eileen and I are planning to convert the main floor into a living space for our rapidly approaching old age. This means we need a full bath and laundry facilities on this floor. We are set to have this done as soon as I can get the rooms ready. I will hire a guy I know from church to help me with the heavy lifting.

But in the meantime I plan to do some more goofing off (which in my case means a lot of reading and practicing).

Life is good.


Steven Heller at Design Indaba 2013 | Design Indaba

This links to a video of a designer talking about his passion for graphic design. I haven’t watched the whole thing but it looks good.


O’Connor’s Regrets – NYTimes.com  Barney Frank letter to the editor

I do admire gadfly extraordinaire Barney Frank.


Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy,’ Translated by Clive James – NYTimes.com

A new translation. Looks interesting.


John le Carré Has Not Mellowed With Age – NYTimes.com

More PR for le Carre.

And here’s an article he wrote after Sept 11 which drew fire. I like it.

John le Carre : The United States Of America Has Gone Mad


Orzo With Peas and Parsley Pesto — Recipes for Health – NYTimes.com

I keep bookmarking recipes. Maybe now that ballet class is over I’ll actually do more cooking.


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