jupe the cook and organ 101 part 2


I had a very relaxing day yesterday. I did a lot of reading and even some cooking.

I improvised a black bean hummus since there were no garbanzo beans in the cupboard.

Then I resurrected my old pasta machine to find that it was in bad need of cleaning. This involved  soaking overnight. But it put me in the mood and I made some home made pasta using just a knife to cut it.

I have been itching to try the NYT marinara sauce recipe I bookmarked.

It all turned out very well in my opinion.

These are pics I took with my phone and put up on Facebooger. Most comments were envious. One of my choristers, however, thought the pasta looked “funky.” I guess it does. It tasted good however.

For some reason I goofed around with Facebooger and reached out to some people from the past.  They were either prominent musician/composers I happen to admire .

Carson Cooman

Carson Cooman

Helen Kemp

Helen Kemp) or people from my time at Wayne State U.

Norah Duncan IVMarek RachelskiCraig Scott Symons

All of these pictured have instantly reached back and allowed me to “friend” them.

This is kind of fun.

I also spent several hours working on the second part of my “Organ 101” fake power point presentation I am planning to give to my organ committee this evening.


I agonized over these few slides. I couldn’t find an illustration of a bunch of ranks that were 8′, 4′ , and 2′.


So I came up with these.


I’ll link in the whole presentation tomorrow.

I have about 17 of 20 or so slides done. It shouldn’t be too difficult to finish that off today.

I have to get my Mom to the shrink this morning at 9 AM. Come to think of it, I haven’t received a confirmation phone call. But I have turned off my land line and that might be the reason. I really should call and confirm before dragging Mom out.

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