jupe in the throes of burnout

I’m still feeling pretty burned out. Spent most of yesterday tending to Mom. ¬†She agreed to have lunch with Eileen and me at the library cafe. I pushed her everywhere in a wheelchair, but she was still exhausted right at the outset.

By the time we have made it through her doctor’s appointment, she was in bad shape: even more exhausted and her back was hurting her like crazy.

She, I and Dr. Nykamp (her psychiatrist) agree that it is time for her to move to more supportive care.

I informed the facility where she is living. This will only mean moving two rooms down the hall but will provide her with much more personal attention.

Today, I am seriously thinking of taking her tax info to the tax person. Her bank failed to do the mandatory disbursement of her IRA so this will be even more complicated than usual. Oy.

Then in the afternoon I am planning to go and sit with her at her pain doctor so that I can monitor her care there.

I am feeling a lot of physical and mental fatigue. But if I get this all done today, I will have literally nothing scheduled tomorrow.


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  1. So… Nothing scheduled for you today, right? Relax. Rest. Don’t over-function. Please? (Yeah, I know… Telling someone to relax can increase their stress… Advice is blocking… But still, take care of yourself.) XOXOX

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