jupe composes himself


I was thinking of my song, “Sorry Midnight,” yesterday as I walked because the wind was so strong.

This song, written in 1972, begins “Old cold wind you just won’t let me sleep. Don’t you know I’ve promises to keep?”

I haven’t been doing much composing. Maybe that will pick up when I’m not improvising for four hours a week in ballet class. I do put my heart and soul into those improvs and I think they’re pretty good.


It’s some of the same energy I use when composing.

I also haven’t been playing guitar much. I have thought of adapting some of my old songs to piano accompaniments. This morning I started on “Sorry Midnight.”



The guitar version is available here in a pdf. ┬áThis is from my “Free mostly original sheet music” page.

I have a weird relationship to my compositions.

But this is not really new. Making up music is something I have enjoyed most of my life. I believe in the things I make up. I think they are good and worth something. But I hate self promotion. I have done some of that and sought publication for some things. But mostly I think my composing (especially the guitar songs) has been my therapy.

I am blogging very late today. Eileen and I “check in” on Fridays.

Since Eileen has retired our relationship has changed. We’re not sure exactly how, but we are trying to adjust to this new emotional terrain. I have asked Eileen to chat about our relationship when we “check in.” She graciously agreed to do this today and I think it helped both of us. (I read this to Eileen to make sure with being writing about here. She is, obviously, since you are reading it).

After breakfast, boggle, and a few chores (Eileen balanced the check book, I filled the dishwasher and ran it), we did our check in. Then we went grocery shopping. We’ve had lunch and now I’m finally blogging.

We have tickets to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” for this evening. They were free. Thank you, Rhonda, for pointing these freebies out to me! ┬áHope to connect with you and Mark this evening as we said in our emails today.

Eileen and I put Panda the security app on our phones today. I was doing some stuff on my tablet and realized that it’s vulnerable and put Panda on it, then realized we needed to do that on our phones. I think of it as rolling up the windows in a locked car. Not secure. But not as open as it could be.

I’m hoping the security dude from BandA that our church hired will be able to fix my laptop. Supposedly he’s picking it up today from church.

This is the dude.

Well I need to quit so we can walk over to my Mom’s place and hug her.

More later.

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