jupe composes himself


Last night I awoke at midnight and heard the beginnings of a trio piece in my head. Around 5 AM, I got up, took my BP, weighed, fed the cat, and began writing a little piece for my piano trio. This is what I heard in the night”

01I quickly decided that the open strings on the violin ostinato wasn’t quite the ticket. So I began revising and making up more of the piece.

Usually I don’t talk about composing when I’m in the middle of a project. It seems to short circuit it sometimes. But by this afternoon I had an entire 148 measure draft done.



I would like my trio to learn this and play it for the prelude and postlude a week from this Sunday. I’m not sure we can learn it that quickly. When I got to the middle of the piece, I checked on the hymns we are singing that day looking for melody for the middle.



We are singing “Blessed Jesus at thy word” as the Sequence Hymn that Sunday.  I decided to loosely base the middle section on this melody.  I think it works.



I’m going to let it sit until tomorrow. Then I might change a harmony, but it’s mostly done I think. Then I’ll email parts to my trio and print out my piano part and start practicing it. If you’re curious, here’s my Finale program singing the first draft in VST (Virtual Studio Technology).


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    1. It didn’t exactly emerge in a dream, I simply woke up thinking about it and hearing it. But it still was very unusual for me.

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