jupe and his dang blood pressure plus a cool piano book and a good recording



I called my doctor’s office yesterday and made an appointment. In the meantime, my doctor phoned in a new blood pressure med for me to add to my daily drug dose. The med is Norvasc. I misheard the person on the phone who told me this and thought he said Norco.

I looked at Norco online and was a bit disturbed. It had liver warnings and I could not drink while taking it. It seemed to be partially a very strong narcotic (an opiod). As I was recalling the doctor’s office to ask about this, Eileen googled it as well and got very upset.

Oops. Norvasc is a different story, so we all calmed down a bit.

Since I have an HMO insurance plan I will need a physician referral. I have already alerted my doctor to this. I also emailed my boss, Rev Jen, to ask if she knows of a good fit for me. it can’t hurt to show up to my doctor’s appointment with ideas. If push comes to shove, I would opt for an out of network shrink if he/she was a good fit and I could afford it.

My first BP reading this morning was a bit higher than it has  been the last few days (149/99). But then I did the five minute wait thing where I sit quietly for the time and retook it. It plummeted. 135/101. That’s a little better. Still obviously something is going on with me and I want to come at from all angles.

My nephew, Ben, brought a copy of Re-Introduction Etudes by Chilly Gonzales to show to Leigh on Thursday evening. Leigh is a piano teacher and he thought she might be interested in it. And it is a beautifully designed book. Book design is something that interests Ben.

I snooped and looked at it very thoroughly. It is a mixed bag. Gonzales seems to have many complaints about classical music. He writes “Some composers feel a need to over-write their pieces, introducing far too much material for the ear to grasp. This is my main problem with classical music.”

But on the other hand, he comes at his etudes which are designed to introduce basic concepts like Bass, Melody, Intervals, Arpeggios as well as “Blue Notes” and other popular music ideas. There is lots of prose and it’s all  in three languages (English, French, German).

I was impressed enough by the book and its approach that I want to get a copy to my grandson, Nicholas at some point.

I have been listening to this recording on Spotify. I like hearing instruments play fugues. I can hear the lines better. Some of the movements in this recording are on organ and on harpsichord. Nice variety.

Somalia Raid Aided by U.S. Kills Fighters From Shabab – The New York Times

What can I say? Americans at war everywhere.

George Martin, Redefining Producer Who Guided the Beatles, Dies at 90 – The New York Times

I have admired this man’s work for years. And he did it all with a four track recording machine! Amazing!



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