great shoes

I woke up this morning and the rain was beating down. I got dressed and went outside. The rain was slowing down. I spotted two plastic bags and thought for a moment that the New York Times had delivered a paper.

What day was it? But it turned out to be Sunday.

Eileen bought me three new pairs of shoes. Yesterday I with Eileen’s help tried to walk around the block using one pair. That turned out to be a bad idea. I began shuffling my feet much to Eileen’s disgust. I decided to try my Keezix. I purchased them because they are so easy to slip on.

The shoes are much lighter. They felt great. So Eileen and I went for a walk even though the rain was pouring down. As usual I over did it. I suggested we walk to Eileen’s garden. My feet felt great but on the walk home I started hurting.

Mark called. We had a nice chat. I promised I would let everyone know if I also have stomach cancer.

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  1. Those shoes are KIzik shoes. They look so great that I ordered a pair for myself! They aren’t here yet. They are light and they are like slip on tennis shoes. The back of the shoe just flips up as you put them on. Amazing!

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