jupe comes back to life

I have been seeing the New York Times daily. Eileen has been picking it up in person at Reader’ s World. My friend and former choir member, Janet Bowermaster, dropped by for a visit and boy was that refreshing. Eileen arranged for her visit.

We are going through a heat spell. So it was a good to sit here in the AC and chat.

My therapists continue to encourage me to pick up blogging.

I finished the book of poetry that Rhonda gave me catalog of unabashed gratitude by ross gay before she stopped by. Thank you Rhonda, I like gay’s work but he’s a little gushy for me. It was great to see you and Isaak the other day!

3 thoughts on “jupe comes back to life

  1. Yes, he is gushy – I found him sweet, but I can see it might be a bit much for you!
    It was great to see you!

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