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I forgot an appointment my Mother had with her shrink yesterday. They called and we managed to rush over for a rescheduled appointment.  I ended up pretty much off balance for the rest of the day.

This is actually a screen save of one of the balance exercises from the wii fit I have been doing.

I had begun the day rewriting a piece I am considering submitting to composition contest. Then I got to thinking about it and recordings sitting on my hard drive of it.

I did some editing of the recording of the live performance.  I trimmed the beginning, turned down the volume in the last minute or so when the entire mix changes (you can still hear it) and snipped out a split second of silence that occurred inexplicably in the middle.

It’s still a humbling experience to listen to a recording of yourself in a live situation, not thinking about being recorded only the music you are trying to make.

Female Trouble---Whispered BO 3149

It’s tempting to not share such a recording.

But my audience really only consists of my extended family (some of them) and a few local acquaintances and I do know that a few of them have a mild curiosity about this sort of thing, so fut the whuck.  I put it up on Facebook and posted it here.  Click here for the mp3

This morning I am tired and sore. After a long day, I did the wii exercise bit for a half hour then my usual forty minutes on the treadmill.

I certainly don’t feel up to working on my composition this morning. Maybe later today.

Links I have clicked on recently:

Nigeria’s Promise, Africa’s Hope –

Chinua Achebe the great novelist outlines history
of and hope for Nigeria.


Darkness on the Edge of the Universe –

The universe is riding the wave of its own expansion
enabling it to impossibly travel faster than light.
Fascinating explication and sci fi like stuff.


Polish Apple Pancakes Recipe | Taste of Home Recipes

Yesterday’s breakfast.


Send Huck Finn to College –

Lorrie Moore says Huckleberry Finn is too hard
for high schoolers due to its actual complexity.
She also recommends better things they might read.


Hereville preview — the first 15 pages

The last graphic novel I read.


Barber Excursions – No. 3 – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

An interesting discussion of a piece I have been playing.
The third movement is incredibly difficult due to the composer
demanding a seven against eight rhythm.
All for the cowboy tune of “On the Streets of Laredo.”


GOD’S ACTION IN THE WORLD – John Polkinghorne

Still thinking about this guy. Interesting talk he gave in 1990.


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2 thoughts on “goofus gallantly blogs about nothing again

  1. I have recorded professionally for many others and the recordings are bad. I thought that I might be able to remix once I got them back to my home, however, this is not a task undertaken without the correct equipment. I feel responsible for this error of recording. My only thought was to record these in a more controlled way. Mainly, control the entire sound. Live recordings are not difficult, but they do require a person who is able to hear the music and make immediate adjustments to compensate. The sad part is that the music suffers when it shouldn’t. Additionally, I would want to use different equipment for recording.
    I do think, however, that the recordings do give a flavor of the music even though they are quite intolerable. In my opinion, the music is the composers voice. The recording process should not interfere with the music’s statement.
    Ray Hinkle

  2. Hey Ray,

    Sorry you feel responsible for this. I think it was circumstances beyond your control. I was in more of a position to control these circumstances but the rehearsal and performance was where I chose to put my energy, not recording. This was my hesitation about the recording, realizing the obstacles which I didn’t communicate clearly to you. However, I am glad you were part of this. I wanted to include you as we are still renewing an old friendship.

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