god takes care of fools

Today Eileen drove me to the lab to pee in a cup. She waited in the car. When I returned she asked if I had my hearing aides. I sometimes drop them when I have a mask and glasses on. This means I have three things wrapping around my ears and sometimes one of my hearing aids slips off. I had to tell her that I only had my left hearing aid. So we scoured the area. I went back in and talked to the receptionist and back tracked my movements. Uh oh. Nothing. I left them my name and number but was not optimistic I was going to see my right hearing aid again.

I little bit ago I had a call from that receptionist. Someone had turned in my hearing aid.

I knew a Felician nun who always told me that God takes care of fools. This could be the theme of life.

I had an excellent session with Dr. Birky earlier. He is such a good therapist for me.

I won’t hear back from the lab or Dr. Fuentes for a while. I am still shaky and having chills. At this point it’s hard to distinguish between emotional exhaustion and physical symptoms. At any rate I am trying to take it easy.

This is helped by the books Eileen picked up for me from Readers World. Mendelssohn and Emily Dickinson are excellent companions as I rest and the two books I have are extremely readable and engaging.

Margaret Atwood: Your Feelings Are No Excuse – The Atlantic

Atwood received the Christopher Hitchens award last night. This is her acceptance speech.

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