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It’s unusually warm today for a late fall day here in Holland, Michigan. I got up a bit late but no one else was up yet. I turned off the furnace and opened doors and a window. It has since gotten chilly. This afternoon,  all doors and windows are closed, but the heat isn’t on. I’m sitting in my living room with a blanket draped over me.

I made bread. it’s cooling.

Earlier this morning I reread a new poem by Alison C. Rollins. I  stumbled across her yesterday. She has the first poem in the Poetry Magazine in the new November issue.

I just checked and this issue is not posted online yet on the Poetry site. Rollins’ poem is called “Quartet for the End of Time.” Here’s a link to her website, if you are curious. I haven’t read any other poems by her, but I did inter library loan her book,  Library of Small Catastrophes.

Library of Small Catastrophes by Alison C. Rollins | Copper Canyon Press

I find myself reading the new translation of Proust, Vol. 2. In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower. In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower: In Search of Lost Time, Vol. 2 (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) (9780143039075): Proust, Marcel, Grieve, James, Prendergast, Christopher, Grieve, James, Grieve, James: Books

I have read my way twice through Proust. I remember more each time. Reading this for the third time (granted in a new translation) feels like reading poetry almost since I know the direction he is heading. Great stuff.

Classics For Kids

One of the transcriptions my trio is scheduled to play this weekend is a setting by Grieg.

I think it’s kind of nice. I don’t know too much about Grieg. I have been playing through what I own of his piano music. It seems to fit my mood right now. I’m going to go read Grove about him after I publish this blog.

NYTimes: In China, the Formidable Prosecutor Turned Lonely Rights Defender

This is from a few days ago. My son-in-law, Jeremy, is quoted in it. It’s a sad

These two sites have entered my political echo chamber. story.

Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection | Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection | Georgetown Law

Angela Davis Still Believes America Can Change – The New York Times

Speaking of my own weird political understandings, I wonder if I have been pushed out of the liberal camp and into the more radical camp because I have witnessed people I respect like Angela Davis get thrown under the bus again and again. I haven’t finished this article which is admittedly kind of weird to read if you’re a 69 year old who can remember when Davis was on the run. I was struck by President Clinton continuing the liberal  approach to people like Davis by disparaging Stokely Carmichael at John Lewis’s funeral. I didn’t know about that until I read it in this article.

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