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I have been hired to play guitar next month at a party. I haven’t played guitar in private or public for several years. Consequently I am disciplining myself to play some each day to revive my technique (not to mention the needed callouses on the left hand). This has been very interesting. I am not the same musician I was even a year ago. Like most people, I’m a moving target. I have firmed up many rehearsal techniques to enable me to continue to practice and perform. I find that sitting down at the guitar now is different. I am less interested in what I used to play (which was mostly my own songs and popular music). So I have been working my way through a book of classical guitar music. All I really need to do at this point is get some time in on the guitar and learn the songs I need to perform for the gig. One of them involves slide guitar (a piece by Leo Kotke) so I pulled out my slide as well.


Eileen had yesterday off as well as today. We spent most of yesterday moving stuff around in the house. Note the clock in the back of the above picture


I had to roll up the rug so we could shove stuff around.


The clock is a Hatch family heirloom. We decided to move it to the guest bedroom on the main floor.

preethanksgiving04It was to go in this corner.

preethanksgiving05This is where it is now. Note messy room soon to be straightened.


We also had to  move three bookcases which used to sit in front of these three bookcases.


One of them went where the clock had been


Eileen remarked yesterday that most people would be horrified to realize that they had company coming over due to the apparent disarray. We aspire to what most people probably think of as messy.

preethanksgiving09One of the three bookcases that was standing two deep in the dining room went to the other side of the room to the right of the window seat.


And one joined its brothers upstairs. Note the mattress. We also lugged this up there in preparation for visitors.


So we were busy little beavers yesterday. Before Eileen got up I had moved the computer in front of my bookcase of music. My body is kind of achy this morning. At one point yesterday, Eileen turned to me and said, “We’re old!” No argument here.

5 thoughts on “getting ready

  1. Thanks for putting the pics up. You had me worried when you said “Note the clock in the back of the picture above” and “It was to go in this corner” …I thought you were leading up to saying it had fallen and smashed or something!

    I wish I was coming for Thanksgiving… but Matthew is going to make me a nice meal (+ Pumpking pie!) and cook actual turkey for his dad, so it will seem a bit like Thanksgiving anyway.

    love you


  2. I had you and your siblings in mind when I put up these pics, as well visiting Jenkinses. I miss chatting. Eileen will have some time off this week, maybe we can chat sometime. love from Dad

  3. I was totally waiting for that too! “That WAS the clock… and now it’s lying in pieces on the floor.” Notice the dramatic foreshadowing that we have come to expect from your blog!
    I’d meant to say a day or two about, about the funeral, that you can’t nail everything all the time, and that piece is pretty tricky. But seems like you’re feeling better about it now anyway.
    The Messiah I mentioned to you is the Leonard van Camp edition, btw…

  4. Rhonda… I had recently performed the In Dir ist Freude and thought I still had it in my fingers and feet. Oops. i don’t know the Van Camp edition. I was think of the Watkins Shaw edition which is also pretty clean,

    Elizabeth, glad you had a chance to see the pics. Hope you and Jeremy are doing well. Chatting can be hard with the time zones, eh? Nevertheless would love to chat. Love from Dad

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