getting ready for choir and new blinds in the kitchen



Eileen and i had a full day yesterday. I spent the morning working on a bulletin article about Handel for an upcoming Sunday. I also made posters for the choir room.

I wanted to have a few of these up for tomorrow night’s rehearsal.


That way I can add more later as I think of them. I’m hoping they won’t seem too pointed.


I only did the “loose lips” one after Eileen told me she thought it was funny. We’ll see if anyone gets upset at these or if they even notice them.

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Eileen and I took down our old blinds in the kitchen yesterday. Eileen did some cleaning of the window frames. We then temporarily put up the clean curtains. I think we are planning to install the new blinds today.

Then in the afternoon, after touching base with Mom (and showing off the new pics of Lucy Jenkins Locke), we went to church. Eileen is the choir librarian. She organized the music I have chosen for the next season and then put it in the folders. This means we are pretty much ready to roll for tomorrow night. I will add psalms and put the order for Sunday on the board tomorrow.

I practiced organ while Eileen did the choir library work. My Handel organ concertos are coming together a bit. That’s good because they’re not that easy for me. I have several editions of transcriptions of these works.

Image result for handel concertos dupre edition sheet music

I chose to learn from Dupre’s this time. Mostly because he carefully notates the pedaling and I was curious how he would do that. Deciding on pedaling is tricky for me and so far I’m pretty much using his pedaling no matter how goofy it seems. It works of course.

We came home with an hour to spare before martini time. Eileen worked on weaving and I treadmilled.

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