fuzzy jupe, road trip, & more pics (!)


I used up my blogging time this morning typing in reading notes for Peter Berger’s A Far GloryHe is helping me understand how I live in a time of weird credulity and some ideas of how it all can make sense. Speaking of making sense, I’m also greatly benefiting from Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow. I’m hoping I can somehow absorb some of the clarity of his insights about how we all (including scientists) can fall into traps of fuzzy thinking.

Friday I have a road trip planned with Eileen and Rhonda E. We are driving down to Indiana so I can play and hear a couple of pipe organs. My teacher Craig Cramer installed a fancy organ in their new music building at Notre Dame several years ago and I haven’t gotten to hear it. This is what it looks like.

2004 Fritts organ

It’s a Fritts. Also there is a Taylor and Boody in Goshen and we are planning a stop there as well. Here’s a pic of it.

2005 Taylor & Boody organ at Goshen College, Indiana

An unexpected pleasure is Eileen’s insistence on moving her grandmother’s pie safe into our newly painted kitchen.



I’m tickled. It adds a bit of a rougher touch to our fancy dancy renovation. One I like a lot.


And of course our small little kitchen could use more storage space.


I’m out of time. I have to take my Mom to the pain doctor today, pick up my CSA from the farmers market, work at church, practice organ, give a piano lesson and meet with an AGO subcommittee this even. Time to get going.

2 thoughts on “fuzzy jupe, road trip, & more pics (!)

  1. Hey… Looking at your kitchen pics reminded me that Leigh recently discovered that they make mini-dishwashers that take up about half the space of the regular ones. We were thinking that, if we ever have to buy one again, a smaller one would probably suit the two of us just fine. I know you us yours for counter space but I thought I would mention it…

    1. Good to know. We have a vague idea of someday renovating the kitchen. A built-in dishwasher was part of it. But your idea might end being what we do. I have been developing a habit of getting up and doing dishes by hand while the coffee water boils. That and the fact that our lives have been so disrupted by this project has meant I have been running the dishwasher less.

      Life is good. I have been meaning to find time to call and chat. Will do so soon. Maybe next week.

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