Franz, Francois, Louie, Glenn and me


I truly had a day off yesterday. Eileen said I still seemed stressed.

But I attempted to spend the day relaxing, reading and practicing. It was Schubert and Louis Couperin I played for fun. My sister-in-law, Leigh, an accomplished musician, was talking about a Schubert piano sonata movement that was the theme song for Wings.  We looked at it together while she was here. It turns out to be a sonata by Schubert I don’t know very well (A major, composed in 1828, D. 959), although my markings indicate that I have played through the entire sonata before.

So I spent the day with this sonata yesterday. I especially like the slow second movement. I alternated reading the Groves online Schubert entry and doing Words with Friends (Scrabble with people online) on Facebooger.

I also returned to my beloved Louis Couperin or “Uncle” Louie as Ray Ferguson used to call him. ”

Uncle” because his nephew. François is much better known.

I learned to play both men’s works on the harpsichord. Now my harpsichord is not working and I sorely miss the literature.

Yesterday I told myself  that Glen Gould says the piano is a perfect medium for the Baroque.

Gould concentrated on Bach the German Baroque, of course. But why not the French Baroque as well? It’s probably a rationalization to allow me some time with music I love and miss.


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