frantic living

Man, I had a day yesterday.

I started out panicking that I hadn’t written the bulletin note for this weekend’s Sunday Eucharist. I skipped blogging and went right to work.

After that the day didn’t really let up for another breath. I practiced organ before breakfast, I then attended two exasperating church meetings, one before and one after lunch. Talked to both my banker and my lawyer about a major fuck up I made on the medicaid application (already submitted!) for my parents. Conferred with a staff person culminating over a year of attempting to be helpful to someone without alienating them with my intense personality (remind me never to open my mouth at church or better still take a badly needed vacation soon).

Got my Mom back and forth to see my Dad whose personality is rapidly disintegrating into sad shards.  

Had a rushed supper with my wife. Took a last minute phone call from the band director of the high school pit orchestra I am helping with. As I stood with my coat one talking to him on the phone, he canceled the upcoming evening rehearsal I was preparing to drive to.

This should have been a good thing. But I felt like this last minute schedule change left my nerves even more jangled.

Eileen hit the sack before too long. She was stressed because a friend of hers from work has only been given three more months to live.

I lay on the couch and finished reading “The Blind Man of Seville” which was quite good actually. I started another novel by Robert Wilson, “A Small Death in Lisbon.” Then went to bed and slept badly despite having no alcohol (If I have drinks, it usually disrupts my sleep…. last night I woke up at 2:30 thinking about all the stuff I had done yesterday and had trouble resting after that). 

Today I am planning to do more church work this morning: pick hymns and maybe try to get ahead on bulletin articles.

Jonathon Fegel is coming around 9:30  for a rehearsal for our upcoming coffee house gig. I have been working on a playlist for this and it is consisting of many more covers than usual. I am tired of playing my songs for people who have never heard them and maybe are only entertained by my eccentricities.

I meet with my boss this afternoon and I’m sure to get some feedback on how well I did with the silly church meetings yesterday.

Then choir rehearsal this evening.

I have to practice organ in there somewhere because I am playing “big kid” music this weekend: a movement from an organ trio by Hugo Distler.

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  1. Whew! I love you. Sounds frantic. Maybe watch the caffeine intake too — I usually find my emotional state is closely tied to my physical state. Anyway, the franticness cannot be avoided completely. Things are crazy. I love you.

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