deleted, confined and/or crushed

All of my blog comments seem to have been deleted. Oops. I must have done this inadvertently. If you go back and miss your comment, I apologize.

Wow, my day off yesterday turned into a day of frantic activity, all stuff that I wanted to do in my spare time except for ending the day at the piano bench helping teach pit orchestra players notes and rhythms to the score of “Guys and Dolls.” This score turns out to be a bit difficult for high school players. 

Today I take my Mom to her shrink and then rehearse and chat with Jonathon Fegel. I also need to do some leg work for my Mom’s finances (call the lawyer and ask him about his recent email advice) and work on church stuff if I can get myself motivated.

I slept in until 7 AM this morning. I think my body was tired. I also think  I could use a small vacation, but maybe that’s just me. I had a nightmare last night about a huge black cloud with numerous huge lit (birthday?) candles hovering in the sky. I jumped into a red van (like I used to own) and could see a shadow of the cloud descending on the ground near the van. Then, I could feel the weight of the cloud which I began to think was a space ship of some sort searching for little old me. Anyway, I thought the space ship was going to crush the van with me in it. Terrified I rolled to the back of the van as it collapsed. I survived. Woke up a bit and the last part of the dream repeated itself vividly enough to qualify was a full rerun dream.  

I think I’m feeling a bit confined or crushed, eh?

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