forcing myself to blog after losing prose


I finished Tar Baby by Morrison yesterday. Next in order is Beloved. I may have a copy of that at home. Despite its flaws Tar Baby is quite good. I found myself looking up the Uncle Remus story onine to clarify some of my understanding of the book.

I took my used worn copy of  Burgess’s book on James Joyce, Here Comes Everybody: An introduction to James Joyce for the ordinary reader along with me to the ocean yesterday. Reading it inspired me to download pretty much Joyce’s  entire opus mostly for free while we were sitting in the Dollar Store parking lot (we needed some sand toys for the beach).

I have read a lot of  Burgess and Joyce. Yesterday I dipped into Ulysses and Finnegans Wake as a sort of palliative to the whole family experience because like my grandson I am an introvert.

I identify with both  Burgess and Joyce. Burgess has this to say about Joyce: ” He has left the church, but he cannot leave it alone.” I relate.

I did manage to get a chance to romp in the ocean with my son and grandkids. That was fun. The waves were strong enough that some people were surfing near us. Savannah used a small board to repeatedly surf laying down.

If this post seems disjunct I lost most of a previous one with my inept tablet skills. Watching paragraphs disappear is discouraging. I almost blew the whole thing off but instead forced myself to do this much.

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