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I got up and went to the Farmer’s Market yesterday morning. It wasn’t as busy as I usually find it later in the day. I bought some watermelon and musk melon and came home and made this fruit salad for the Hatch family reunion.

I also made some sandwiches. The ones above are chevre and prosciutto. Interestingly enough not one person tried them at the reunion. I finally had to break my vegetarian oath and have one. Yep. They were delicious.

The vegetarian sandwiches I made proved a bit more popular. These also had chevre on some of them. After I ran out of chevre, I used mozzarella. The basil leaves from Eileen’s garden at work were a bit tougher than I had hoped. Should have cut the basil up more. But these sandwiches were still good.

I’m always fascinated by the nearby cornfield that surrounds the house we have the annual reunion at. Eileen reminded me that it used to be an asparagus field.

Eileen took her bubble equipment. These photos are slightly out of focus. I think it’s due to the fact I was using the virtual zoom on our ancient digital camera.

I still like them.

My favorite picture of the bubble making.


That truck driver you flipped off? Let me tell you his story. |

Good empathetic look at the world of a truck driver.  I grew up romanticizing about them. Knights of the road, I heard them called. In Tennessee it was not too uncommon for one of them to lose control descending the mountain roads.  On the mountain side of the road you would see dirt roads designed to safely slow down trucks whose brakes malfunctioned.


Labour Leader Ed Miliband Rebounds Amid Turmoil –

Great Britain has been suffering hugely under the Murdoch cell phone scandal. The conservatives have lost ground. PM Cameron who is suave and articulate has been having difficulty explaining his connection to the corrupt Murdoch regime. Murdoch also owns Fox and the Wall Street Journal. Hence their coverage has not been as objective as might be desired.

Miliband was chosen as Labour leader over his more politically bland but more polished brother Dave. Ed’s star was descending until he responded to this scandal with a bit more aplomb than expected.


The Tea Party, Take Two –

I accidentally linked it the “Take One” of Nocera’s partisan column on the Tea Party.  In this follow up column, he apologizes for “name calling” in the first article.

“Name calling” is a one of many logical fallacies that are trotted out in all sorts of conversations, dialogues, and rhetoric. I would say that logical fallacy is the language of television reporting and much partisan wrangling. Here’s a good list of them.


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