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I managed to get some time in planning for upcoming choral pieces yesterday. It’s a good thing since choir rehearsals resume this evening. I have a working list of pieces between now and Ash Wed. This is inadequate, but it’s a step in the right direction.

I also spent time this morning composing a draft of an announcement making a plea for help with the publicity for our recital series. Ideally two years after the installation of our instrument I would like to see three committees functioning: publicity, development and programming. I mention this in my draft announcement. At this point, I’m hoping one or two parishioners will comeĀ  forward to help with publicity. I have attempted to do a bit of this myself, but haven’t succeeded in connecting with the Holland Sentinel yet. I’m pretty sure if I went in person to talk to them I would learn what I’m doing wrong. I also have the crazy idea of purchasing ads but my boss might not go for that judging from her reaction to when I mentioned it.

I see a committee for development as sort of a “Friends of Grace Notes” group. We have funds at this point, but I think it would make sense to also raise funds via donations or even grants. This is out of my ken.

I think a programming committee should always involve Grace’s musician. This has been my primary contribution so far and I’m proud of the recitals we have given. This also takes a ton of work. I’m feeling a bit behind here because I don’t have all the slots for 2018 filled yet. I’m planning on bearing down on this task in the next couple of weeks.

RIP: Raymond Glover, Hymnal 1982 editor | Episcopal Church

Interesting article about Ray Glover. I am feeling way out of step these days. I don’t know anyone else who approaches music in liturgy in the Episcopal church in the way Jen and I do. I’m convinced of its coherence. But having lived through watching the development of the 79 Prayer Book and the 82 Hymnal, I miss having people around me with whom I can share ideas and learn from. That was an exciting time. That was when I met Glover and James Litton. Now I feel like I’m alone in my approach. I do a lot of reading on Facebook of discussions of church musicians. Most of them, I think, would shudder at what I do. Heh. I, on the other hand, quite enjoy it. Whatchagonnado?

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