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I’m up early wrestling with Greek. I am once again feeling the need for some deeper review of past chapters in my text. After I finish the Chapter test I am currently working on, I am going to embark on another review, this time concentrating on little sections throughout the chapters entitle: “Taking stock.” I’m no good at the memorization, but that may be what I end up doing more of.

Rev Jen and I canceled choir rehearsal. last night. It is very treacherous driving these days of heavy snow.  However, I have heard from my piano trio and it seems they are planning on rehearsing today despite the weather. This makes me especially happy since I have some new music for us as described in earlier posts.

After we canceled rehearsal, I spent a couple hours in the choir room filing music and then stuffing several pieces into choir members’ slots for  Sunday and beyond. There were workers in the church fixing the sliding steps that retract to make space for our little piano. They have been rubbing to the point that little pieces of tile have broken off. The workers put up a tent of plastic in which to work. I was glad to see that and talked to them about how dust is the enemy of the pipe organ. They were good humored.

I didn’t expect them to be done in time for me to get some practice in. But they were and that was pleasant as usual.

NYTimes: We Are What We Read

Image result for the written word puchner

Image result for the social life of books reading together in the eighteenth-century home

A review of two books that is worth reading in itself.

Words of the Year | The New Yorker

I love these articles especially when they are well written as this one looks to be. Bookmarked to read.

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