Ezra Pound and Edison the cat


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Annotations for Pound’s Cantos


It took me some time this morning, but I found annotations for Pound’s Cantos online. It would seem like Joyce texts, the Cantos would be a natural for hyperlinks or annotations online.

Cat report


Edison is still out of sorts. I managed to give him a pill on Friday morning. I thought I had given it to him the night before, but it turns out what I gave him was an empty “pill pocket.” When I called yesterday  morning to ask about it, I learned that I was supposed to put the appetite stimulant pill in the second of the two “pill pockets” and give it to Edison. The first one was to see if he would eat them. He gobbled down the first one (empty) on Thursday evening and the second one on Friday morning.

But he is being very picky about what cat food he eats. He refused everything but baby food during the day. I purchased some kitty style canned food and he ate that. This morning (while I was TRYING to sleep) he acted hungry, but I couldn’t figure out what I did with the leftover kitty canned food (I put it back in the cupboard! Damn! Can’t feed that to him.) so I offered him some more baby food. He picked at it eventually eating it.

I think I should probably take him in for a cortisone shot today. It seems to be the consensus of the concerned humans that this is the route to go with Edison’s care. The other choice is to kick everything up a notch and get a referral to a Cat oncologist in Grand Rapids. The idea is that Edison may have some sort of cancer that doesn’t show up on the vet’s x-ray. However, pursuing this approach could easily make Edison’s quality of life lousy for a good long time with no guarantee of extending his life very long beyond aggressive treatment.

Edison update

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After writing the above, I called Eileen and we decided I should take the cat in for a cortisone shot which I just did. His weight is about the same. The vet said the cortisone has multiple effects including making the cat more comfortable and stimulating his appetite. I’m supposed to get back to them next week with a report on how Edison is doing.

It surprises me how tired I feel this morning. Some of this might be the way Edison interrupted my sleep last night but who knows?

Dr. Birky report

I enjoyed my session with my therapist, Dr. Birky, yesterday. It’s hard not to wonder if I am just paying this man to talk wviith and listen to me. How pathetic is that?

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I shared with him the insight I had recently talking to Eileen. In a relationship, one can’t really help the other person, one can only help oneself. But It IS possible to unhelpful to each other. My goal is to not be unhelpful to Eileen. It’s not as easy as it sounds and involves shutting my goddam mouth more.

The Seven Habits of Highly Depolarizing People – Better Angels

This article came across my Vicebook (Facebook) feed recently. Good stuff.

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