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My second ballet class was canceled yesterday because the instructor was ill, so I had a lighter day than usual. I took advantage of this and made chili – two kinds one with meat for Eileen and one without for myself.

I also made cornbread to go with it.

Eileen and I were able to have lunch together since she was out and about traveling from her old job to her new one in the middle of the day. That was nice. I also had a chance to speak with Elizabeth on the phone.  I have been missing chatting with her, so that was particularly pleasant. After we hung up, my daughter-in-law, Cynthia, called and we chatted.

Spent a lot of time with Schubert and Scarlatti on the piano yesterday. I am being drawn deeper into both composer’s works for different reasons: lyricism of Schubert and the vitality and rhythm of Scarlatti.

I also discovered that Zappa did an album with Jean Luc-Ponty of Zappa’s music called “King Kong.”

I quite like the versions of Zappa’s pieces on it. It dates from 1969 the year after Zappa released Uncle Meat which has the tune “King Kong” on it.

Bless Spotify.


Robert Pierpoint, 86, Dies – Correspondent for CBS News –

I wasn’t going to bookmark this obit and then I reached the story of this pic:

In his memoir “At the White House: Assignment to Six Presidents” (Putnam, 1981), Mr. Pierpoint wrote that he had hurriedly received a story assignment but was about to play tennis with Ron Ziegler, President Nixon’s communications aide. He changed into a tennis outfit he kept in his locker at the White House, in anticipation of the match, while keeping the suit jacket on.

He wrote that when a photo of his full frame later appeared in a book and newspapers, “my superiors were far from pleased, apparently feeling that tennis shorts, a jacket and tie did not provide a dignified image.”

Marta Pierpoint said her father had relished that episode and would be buried in a suit jacket and tennis shorts.

I love it: “Buried in a suit jacket and tennis shorts.”


Paul Leka, a Songwriter of ‘Na Na Hey Hey,’ Dies at 68 –


Seven Billion –

Memorable quote from this article:

Providing modern family planning methods to all people with unmet needs would cost about $6.7 billion a year, slightly less than the $6.9 billion Americans are expected to spend for Halloween this year.


Economists See More Jobs for Machines, Not People –

I sometimes wonder about this…… how tech has affected jobs….


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