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My treadmill died last night. About half way through my exercise time, it began acting erratically and then I could smell the little motor burning. I guess that’s that. Eileen and I have been talking about replacing it anyway. I went to the library Saturday and photocopied a page from Consumer’s Reports rating treadmills.

All of them are really out of our price range. We have now purchased three treadmills and I have run everyone of them into the ground. Maybe we can find one of the higher rated treadmills used.

I nailed the organ music yesterday which was no mean feat. I played the chorale and four variations from William Albright’s “Chorale Partita in an Old Style on ‘Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten’ After I finished playing the fourth one a choir member leaned over and told me he wanted to hear this piece on the new organ. “Me, too,” I replied.

I find this piece interesting because most of Albright’s opus was more experimental. Also, I like the way he uses the “old style” of the baroque. He puts enough of a twist on his ideas that he has made something worthwhile for its own sake.

When I was filing the piece after church I noticed that I own his Organbook II.


I brought it home to look at. I’m not much into the squiggles and indeterminate notation of some 20th century composers. By the time I decipher it, I usually find it sort of boring or relying on the quality my own improvisatory ideas.


But since I liked his ideas in the piece I performed for the prelude and postlude, I thought I would take a look.

There are three pieces in his book II: Night Procession, Toccata Satanique, and Last Rights (with tape).

I don’t own the tape so I guess  “Last Rights” is out. Toccata Satanique is probably not appropriate for church (although I could do it on a recital at Grace I am sure).


That leaves “Night Procession.” Which doesn’t look that interesting. Ah well, it was worth a gander.

I pissed off a friend of friend on Facebooger yesterday. He is obviously conservative. He thought that a meme I had shared was hateful and informed me conservatives are not bigots.


This is a meaner meme than I usually post. I apologized but told him that not all conservatives are as civil as he and linked in this video.

How Right-Wing Media Are Welcoming Pope Francis To AmericaThis is how right-wing media welcomed Pope Francis to America:

Posted by Media Matters for America on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I can’t seem to actually embed the dang thing, but if  you don’t watch hate tv or listen to hate radio you might want to click on it and listen to the crazy shit being said about a conservative pope.

I should say that I’m not as excited about this Pope as many people seem to be. The good parts he is talking about are basically the Christian message (be humble, take care of the poor, the golden rule), the bad parts (his condescension to women and stance on abortion for example) are no surprise.

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    1. Thank you for this and the $75! Eileen had scoped this one out. I think we are getting a bit picky this time. At this point, I’m working on the idea of finding out what non electric ones are like and also looking for one that possibly might take up less room.

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